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Fragmention Shot bugged? Doesent do what the tooltip says!


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@Rubi Bayer.8493@Double Tap etc.


Fragmention Shot on Engineer pistol Mainhand has in it tooltip an activation of 0.5s but ingame when you are using its actavation becomes much longer 0.8275s and with the attacks per second speed of it with the aftercast time its goes even longer between shots making it 1.2086 attacks per second instead of about 2 attacks per second if you read the tooltip on the skill. Have read about that Engineer pistol(both mainhand and offhand) needs a rework(numbers and/or effects) to work propely but in the mean time could you look at the AA of engineer mainhand pistol and make it so dont lie about how long it takes for it to do its attacks? Its not good for the players to go in with the feeling that the skill does ne thing in the tooltip but does completly another thing(and badly) ingame.

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