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[EU/NA][PvE] Winter Clan - looking for active GW2 players for a multitude of content


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Winter Clan is a well-established multi-game community across the world. As a community, we are all about social gaming, making friends and acquaintances who share the love of gaming. With the Guild Wars 2 release on Steam, we are establishing a guild within the game. 


Winter Clan is recruiting friendly, mature players to play through all content the game has to offer. Including guild missions, dungeons, fractals, raids and strikes. 


Community leadership host multiple weekly events based on guild feedback & encourages player engagement. Events range from exploring Tyria together to take on world and meta events, to guild missions and end game content. If interested, please join the Winter Clan Discord at https://discord.gg/winterclan and tag yourself for Guild Wars 2.

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