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Character story progress/chosen options tree for overview


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Hello fellow friends,


yesterday I finished the personal story for the first time since about 10 years and since it offers a lot of times to choose a way to proceed I wonder how do I know which one I already played?


After GW2 got released I completed the personal story twice and didn't touch it again until recently (did a 7-8 year GW2 break in-between too). Now I read in the wiki the following interesting information:


To play through all of the mission options, as the primary on each mission, requires 30 characters.

  •     These thirty have to play through the chapter II missions.
  •     Fifteen must play through chapter III.
  •     Nine must play through chapter V.
  •     Six must play through chapter VII.
  •     Three must play through until the last mission prior to Against the Corruption, in chapter VIII.
  •     Two must play through the two missions after that one.
  •     And, one must play through the end of the storyline.



I don't have 30 characters but I have over 20. But how do I know which paths I already went?

When I could choose to defeat Zaitan's Eye or Mouth I chose the mouth and noticed, while doing it, that I did that already -.- And I'd rather have chosen the Eye then.


I'm for a tree like system - see the wiki link above - that shows what options got already chosen (e.g. greying out).

Or maybe there's a website that already does it (via API)?

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4 hours ago, Lucy.3728 said:

You should be able to do it using this page, if you scroll up to the top of the chart showing all the options there's space to put in your API key, which will then mark the ones you've completed. But it doesn't seem to be working properly, I just tried with mine (which should show the vast majority completed) and it was only showing random ones - for example it said I'd done Stand by your Krewe without either of the preceeding steps, which is impossible.

I'm also not sure if it keeps data for characters you've deleted or if their progress is removed.

Alternatively you can keep your own record. If you look through each character's story journal it will tell you which ones they've completed and you can note them all down somewhere. I have a spreadsheet for various GW2 things with a tab kind of like the chart on the Wiki (but going left to right instead of down) and I colour-coded it with each character's path through the story.

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