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Daily Icebrood Achievement Bug (Whisper of Jormag)

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So I just completed the daily icebrood saga's daily whisper of jormag strike mission and the achievement didn't show as completed. I think something exactly like this has happened before, but maybe a year ago? Anyway, I asked if this issue affected anyone else and others say this happened to them too. Hoping it will get fixed soon. I don't like missing out on rewards, especially in harder content :(. I did die before the encounter was beaten, if that has any pertinence. 


Anyone else have this issue/know why it's happening? (for the record, this only seems to happen when it's an Icebrood daily, not a daily priority strike). I did report the bug in game, but it said the bug reports don't generally get a response, so I thought I'd post here too.

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