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Right Mouse Click Camera Inconsistency


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So I'm a little dumbfounded and more than a little agitated, because this seems to be a very prevalent issue with lots of people sourcing it over the last 8 years or so.  A simple google search with no clear fix but lots of people claiming the problem.


I normally control my camera movement with right mouse click, but as of about 6 weeks ago I've noticed consistent problems where the camera will stop tracking the mouse location.  I'm very certain it's not a hardware issue, because it's predictable in certain conditions in game.  It tends to happen in the presence of a large scale hit box or large obstructing object like a building.  I'm testing it right now next to a hut in Crystal Desert, and I can right click, drag my mouse across the screen, expecting my character to turn, but the camera won't follow.  This becomes increasingly annoying in places like strikes, where there's large enemies. 


I'd love some feedback lest I stop looking like a keyboard turner when it happens.  But honestly I'm a little more perturbed why this has been a problem for most of the game's life. 

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