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maybe a solution to condi meta problems


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what we have basically each season we have 1-2 build that enter the meta with enormous condi burst. atm its the mirage and scourge. use to be burning guard , evade thief and even long ago condi warrior .

the first problem to me is that there is no much uniqueness and condi lost its charm and become a way to do direct dmg in some way. the second problem is that if you can build to handle them, the build lose its edge and become non useful.third problem is meta builds can proc so many conditions that is so hard to cleanse them all and its become random cleanse. like mesmer puts confusion, torment, bleed, weakness, cripple, immobilize, vulnerability and poison (same to necro). this push the cleanse abilities to handle more conditions and we begins in a cold war of who can put more conditions versus who can cleanse more conditions.

my solution i think is simple

each class has a unique way to put condition . condition can stack higher and reduce the way each class can stack several conditions.

remember burn guard. it was nice and niche build. if you know how to handle them you can dodge the burning but if they cough you , you were in a big problem.second, split to dmg conditions and control conditionsall conditions cleanse will cleanse first any dmging ones and later control ones.

so here it is

mesmer - main dmg condition are confusion and torment. control conditions are slow and blind.necro - main dmg condition are bleeding and poison. control conditions are weakness and chill.guard - main dmg conditions are burning and bleeding. control conditions are cripple and slow.warrior - main dmg conditions are bleeding and torment. control conditions are cripple and weakness.ele - main dmg conditions are burning and bleeding. control condition are weakness, cripple and chill.ranger - main dmg conditions are burning and poison. control conditions are weakness and blind.thief - main dmg conditions are poison and torment. control conditions are cripple and blind.engi - main dmg conditions are burning and confusion. control conditions are cripple and chill.revenant - main dmg conditions are torment and burning . control conditions are chill and slow.

the outcome

it will enable a burst condi bomb with higher stacks. cause more skills will create 2 conditions rather than many conditions with low stacks. which means more higher dmg for a short duration. which push to cleanse them faster. more uniqueness within each class and build.this way it will be like a burst direct dmg. if you left without dodges or evade or blocks you will take the full burst. so if you left without cleanse (and now each cleanse is now doubled as each skill will cleanse the dmging ones first) you will take higher condi burst.further more it will be easier to control the meta this way as you will need to handle only 2 conditions for each class to adjust.scourge were nerf but still strong as he can put out lots of conditions very fast not because he can reach high stacks alone.
also it will give the control conditions to do their job and to control the fight.

what do you say ? can it work?

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