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bugs that heavily impact competetive play and should be fixed for oct. 4th


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Elementalists trait "Evasive arcana" is not proccing on fireattunement.  <--- This was a big part of Fireweavers dmg output. The fact that its not working is pissing of EVERY Fireweaverplayer.


Necromancers trait "weakening shroud" is not working properly. The "weakness on crit" is not working at all. <----- pisses of necromains


There is no visual indication if a Harbinger is in shroud or not.  <----- please... SOMETHING! any animation at all... right now... there is non. 


Specter shroud 5 is missing its animation. Mindshock animation is just straight up missing.



Those bugs heavily impact competetive play. Next patch is focusin on competetive play.. so i highly suggest you atleast fix the traits, because there is alot of people that are pretty mad, because their main is literally broken for multiple months now, without any words that you guys are aware of this situation.


since the necrotrait broke we already have received 3 big patches.... i have started numerous threads.... i reported it ingame, reported it to the support with videos evidence... NOTHING HAPPENS.


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  • Sahne.6950 changed the title to bugs that heavily impact competetive play and should be fixed for oct. 4th

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