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7 years and still no proper way to have a social community


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23 hours ago, Skitzke.5261 said:

1. We are in 2022 and to find a guild you need to post or look on the forms to join a guild. Fix your existing game before designing new end game content.

2. Class balancing. We all know their are players who solely focus on PvE and other play PvP, I am seeing no love to PvP at all, saying we are in the process of reworking WvW isn't the main mode of PvP., which is why Arenas should be shown more love, and therefore for that classes need some fixing as well. An example would be WoW, seeing each expansion with better and different character talents makes it more enjoyable, it needs that competitive aspect.

3. Looking at the general UI a lot of things need fixing, it should be customisable for players, for example showing of health bars, showing different thickness or sizes, moveable positions and so forth. 


There is so much to fix, which is why I understand why people say developers simply don't care.


End of rant.


Feel free to add or get angry but it is my initial thought having this game for so long, it was time for my first ever post.


On the UI thing, I do find it funny that mmo's I played before GW2 existed as a game to play, had this feature that GW2 never implemented over 10 years of existing. But GW2 is missing a lot of QoL found in other mmo's, more so then just this, like how we don't have a decent un-scammable trade system and need to either hope we don't get scammed when mailing someone using the un-official trade sites/discord or pay the TP fee which is just a gold sink. But hey, at least we don't need to visit mail boxes to access our mail in game, and its deposit all collectables feature was a great addition I wish other games had. 

Guild search could use an update for sure, but fortunately enough people do post recruitment messages in chat that it's not too hard to find one. Just avoid the ones that require 100% participation at all times or kick. 

Class balancing on the other hand, we did just get a new class balance lead to replace the old guy, so the game will be going through some changes in that regard. 

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Not being able to search for a guild in a game named "Guild Wars 2" was very disappointing. I am playing on and off for 10 years now, but i always stopped playing because i wasnt able to find a good german guild. Yes, there are ways to find guilds here or on reddit, but it was so annoying to read though all the posts, check if they are still active, contact one of them somehow and so on.


I really really really dont understand why they never added a simple guild search function. I mean, its very very easy to program that in a few days, so there has to be some other reason why they do not add it.


I am not a very social person, i dont run around and just talk to random people in the game, asking to join their guild. And the guilds that advertise in the chat are usually not really fitting for me. And i just hate to talk to 30 random people for hours, just to check what their guild is all about. 

I just want a simple list, with filters, language, all these things. I could program it myself if they give me access! xD 

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I think alongside of an LFG rework, this would be an addition I'd be okay with seeing. A system that allows for guilds to post their copypasta onto a listing with searchable keywords and tags so that players can find guilds that match their interests. I understand there are guilds that advertise through map chat and the LFG, but the issue is you need a player to actively be displaying that ad in LFG. I'd like to see a way that the listing for the guild could be advertised and responded to without having to be online. Again though, I don't see it happening without a rework to the entire LFG.

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