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Fishing Rod Skins Have to be Deleted


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The usual behavior of a gem store skin (outfit, mount, skiff, etc) is that it sits in inventory until consumed, at which point it auto-applies to that character and the skin is used up and becomes available in the wardrobe for all characters.  With fishing rods, however, the skin auto unlocks for every alt immediately, including the character who opened the mail, and the skin itself cannot be consumed with a double click.  It just clogs inventory until manually deleted by typing out its full name.

I used to rotate through a lot of alts making sure they could use the new rod before the manual deletion.  Today I have just checked on one other alt and then deleted.  It's a bit worrying, though, even though I know it should be fine it feels bad to delete something I just paid money for.  Hopefully these can be set to act like other skins.

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On 9/20/2022 at 9:21 PM, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

Is it just this newest skin?  Because I didn't have to type out any names with the other Fishing Rod skins I purchased. 

At this point I don't recall for sure, as my memory is far more focused on having to rotate through over 30 alts to make sure they could all get at the skin and the deletion process was quick in comparison.  I definitely had to type it out for this one.  Probably.  Now you have me questioning myself.  /weeps

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