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Noob guild looking for fellow noobs! [NOOB]

Cheshire the Cat.8162

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I recently came back to the game after being gone for a while and I'm looking for some amazing new friends!😀

So I started a new guild, hoping to create a small and tight-knit community where we can mostly just hang out and be friends.

I have a lot of experience with the game but I don't mind at all helping out new people and experiencing it all together.

It would be amazing if we could do some end game content together like raids, fractals and strikes. You don't need to have experience with raids or strikes, I'll be more than happy to help out and we can just figure it all out together!

If that sounds like something for you, come join Noobs Sanctuary!


Feel free to add me in game and send me a message!

Cheshire the Cat.8162

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