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When will dungeons get some attention?

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To be honest, ANet and instanced content is a joke. They created the game with dungeons, then pretty soon abandoned dungeons. They implemented Fractals of the Mists, then abandoned that too (the last new Fractal, Sunqua Peak, was released 2 years ago this month, and before that new releases were very sparse). They implemented Raids then abandoned those as well (still hoping the Emboldened effect will have a positive effect on the number of people doing Raids and have ANet decide to make more, but I expect that won't happen).

So now we have Strike Missions (someone mentioned Dragon Response Missions before in this thread, but I don't count those since they are all designed to be able to do solo). Instanced content v4.0. Based on their track record I don't have much hope for Strike Missions either. I just wish ANet would stick to their guns instead of this reactive kind of management and development of the game (at least when it comes to instanced content). In a decade's time they've tried 4 different iterations of instanced (challenging) content, leaving previous iterations underdeveloped and abandoned. So yes, in that regard ANet definitely failed.


In a perfect world ANet would still develop new dungeons, new Fractals and new raids on a regular basis. Strike Missions are nothing more than their latest attempt at making instanced content popular. Instead they should just accept that kind of content only draws in a certain percentage of your player base, perhaps not even the majority, and stick to their guns instead of implementing something new to try and please their playerbase. There's room for everyone in this game and no need to try and reinvent the wheel for an umpteenth time. All this does is show us ANet has no long term vision or plan for instanced content, and no determination to develop existing instanced content. I'm not always a glass half empty kind of guy, but in this case what strikes me more is not the introduction of a new kind of content but that they yet again abandoned an existing concept and try to reinvent it.

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1 hour ago, Doggie.3184 said:

Fractals also don't get new content anymeowre. When are they going to hold another Lion's Arch Election for new leader and fractal or does the term just last forever till they retire? ;o


I think an annual event centered around the LA election could be awesome.

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14 hours ago, Doggie.3184 said:

When are they going to hold another Lion's Arch Election for new leader and fractal or does the term just last forever till they retire? ;o

It's a pirate council, not a democratic government. The election happened only because one of the council member slots has been freed. And while in the event players got to vote, within the game world it's the council itself alone that gets to decide (although its members can obviously be influenced, degree of which can even be seen by how becoming a member is usually called purchasing a seat).

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ArenaNet absolutely NAILED dungeons in Guild Wars: Eye of the North.



Beautifully themed multi-level dungeons, single path, Playable with a 8 player group or soloable with heroes, challenge in the bosses rather than weird mechanics and players could craft consumables (consets) to play them in easy mode with an optional hard mode with additional rewards.

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Dungeons should've been merged into Fractals a long time ago. They'd retain their current difficulty at tier 1 and everyone could play them just the same without any gear, etc. But anyone looking for a challenge could play higher tiers, and the reward system in Fractals is just alot better.


Fractals also have better anti-skip mechanics, are more streamlined, and provide more variation with their instabilities and unpredictable group compositions.


Story mode dungeons shouldn't even exist, they should just be part of personal story.


Keep in mind I say this as someone with Dungoneer title since a long time, mostly finished before the token changes. I love dungeons and all the quirks and skips and its probably the most enjoyable content in the game to me especially since newbies run them alot and that's fun to help with.


But at the same time its an extremely outdated system that should be scrapped. We already have something more modern that works and works well and we should use it.


(Can we please merge DRMs into Strikes while we're at it, too?)

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