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Fishing Stacks disappearing inexplicably (detail inside)


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Not sure exactly what happened, but I will try to give as much relevant detail as I can for reproducing the bug. I had 99 fishing stacks in ember bay. I am in my boat in boarded state (e.g. the state where movement keys will move me and the boat). I create a squad and say in map chat I'll be there for a bit and people can come get 99 stacks. I go afk and come back to find that the one person who tried wasn't able to get the stacks and mine are now gone. As they described it, they saw 99 stacks on me prior to boarding, then boarded my boat, didn't get stacks, and after offboarding, my stacks were gone.

Best I can guess without looking at the code is that it erased my stacks instead of transferring them to the other player. Maybe because of some kind of error in the calculation of who should get what stacks. According to wiki, it's supposed to work like: "If you enter someone's skiff with less catches than you have, you gain their number of catches. If you leave someone's skiff which has the buff and summon yours, you keep the amount of catches the other skiff had." Evidently that did not happen here.

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