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GS 5 Rework


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I feel like GS 5 is actually an outdated skill. GS overall lacks a defensive skill outside of GS 5, like a block or an evade. While i can understand that, because it's a kind of damage orientated weapon i think we should give it some love. Another thing which feels weired for me is that the damage of GS5 is pretty lowe, considering u push ur enemy back + it's a power weapon.

Since a few days i have a specific rework idea, which i can't get out of my Mind, so i need to share it, feel free to discuss ;

Swing ur Greatsword with heavy force arround u, evading attacks and stunning foes.15-20 sec Cooldown 0,5 sec Cast Time (u evade while this Cast time)Radius 240Damage 875Targets 5Stun 0,75 secVulnerability 5 Stacks (5sec)evade 0,5 sec

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@OriOri.8724 said:I'd rather add a daze to mind stab, where it makes more sense.^ This.

Really GS 5 is more or less fine, 30 sec c/d might be a bit long now a days, and the 1/2 second cast time would be a bit unwieldy if we weren't already used to it that way for years.

If anything on GS needs to be be looked at, it's the awkward mirror blade on phant.

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