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Muted Audio on Twitch - End of Dragons & A New Era of Heroes


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I've recently been streaming some of my adventures in Guild Wars 2 while playing through as a Revenant and some on my Ranger while doing events and stuff.


In the last 24 hours, my last 5 GW2 VODs have all been hit with muted audio (the oldest VOD affected is over a month old) in relation to the two tracks listed above.  End of Dragons and A New Era of Heroes.  This does not seem to have affected earlier streams and it has not affected the whole stream, only small elements of the intro where there usually isn't any conversation as I begin loading things up.


Is this going to be an ongoing problem?  I'm surprised it hasn't affected all of my streams and has only affected recent ones.  If it's something that is known to happen a lot, then I'll likely turn off in-game music and play something else in the background while I stream.

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