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Hello, maybe someone here knows how to fix this..

Problem is that I'm trying to buy the "Collection" expansion bundle but when I try to pay with paysafe nothing happens..

I mean nothing pops up I just get stuck on "checkout"   and I'm clueless what to do.. 

Tried it with chrome and edge same problem, adblocker is off.

Any help appreciated.


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I have.

Support response was: After reviewing your account, we have found that your purchase attempts were declined by Paysafe. When this happens, we are not given a reason of the decline. Please contact the Paysafe for information about the refusals. Once you have resolved the issue with Paysafe, try to make your purchase again. You should have no further issue.

Now I contacted paysafe, there was no response from them..

but i can buy from other services like steam and such but not from gw2 page..

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