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Swiftness on Mobility skills should replace Heightened Focus and not be part of BsW's kit

Grand Marshal.4098

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Make a unique trait for bladesworn. All warrior specs need an alternative for swiftness to Burst Mastery and this trait works for 3 reasons:

1) It is not in strength, therefore ensuring less powercreep in that line.

2) Replaces the RNG based and insignificant GM Heightened Focus, since nowadays Warrior's can benefit from Strength (Oct 4), Tactics and Discipline for sources of Quickness outside of Frenzy and Berserk Mode.

3) Competes meaningfully with Burst Mastery as a source of swiftness and improved survivability, whilst tying into Warrior's Sprint as a complementary trait. Make it even better by adding a swiftness duration increase with the trait as opposed to the Flow increase present on BsW. Swiftness can be relative to Burst Mastery for obvious reasons.


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