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Somebody with rage while he was playing the reaper specialization with some minions as assistants against a normal warrior(no elite specialization equipped)


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      On Saturday 24th September 2022, in the night,  the Free-For-All Arena. After the incident in the evening of the day, I ran into an asuran reaper, surrounded by undead minions. I , at that time, was playing and practicing as a core warrior. I and he had a duel. The fight went normally until it reached its conclusion , he lost. Next, he suddenly complained, "Jesus, core warrior is overpowered." I was confused  and asked him,"Pardon?". Later, he scolded me, "Eat a sh-t for your pardon, dumbarse." After that, he rushed on me like an angry red bull in a pit and defeated me twice times in a row. I tried to fight him as I could. End of Story.

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