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Retrospective Runaround JP (flag not showing)

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I recently completed this JP using the Skyscale and also ran into trouble with a couple of the flags.  The general fix is to try backing up a little, dismounting and approaching on foot.  I had issues with both the second and last flag, but was able to resolve them in game.

"TiffyMissWiffy" has an excellent guide on YouTube, specifically for this JP using Skyscale, that will walk you through the various trouble areas and identify solutions.

Best of luck!

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41 minutes ago, Garrison Storm.3046 said:

Forgot to add, the guide speculates that hitting the Velocity Elixirs along the way may be required... I am not convinced that I hit them all when I made the run a few days ago, but as they are along the path anyway, might as well grab them as you go.

They are definitely not required. Have done it plenty of times with combinations of with/without mount and using those.

One of the flags has also been slightly problematic since release of that JP. The one that is right after the first bridge.

At least some things in the game are implemented as proximity tripwires so if you fly over the tripwire it will not trigger. Sometimes the trigger area is in unexpected places which is probably the issue with this flag.

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