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Ascended Cooking i have chef 500 and the home instance cooking station upgraded/garden


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And Gourmet title but i can't for the life of me remember where i get the cultivated cilantro leaf ascended seeds or others, no my seed merchant doesn't have them either, of course i want to grow my own, have i missed something? more than likely i know so sorry for asking, are they supposed to drop from gathering verdant herbs out in the open world, i'm just guessing 🙀😿so any help please.

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If you got the gold buy the varietal seeds on TP,i was farming about 20 days and the drop was realy low,at least for me it was!
I start buying them 10-20 seeds every day and plant 8,dont have the last 4 spot for 12 seeds!When i start buying them,they were expensive now the prices dropped a lot!
Now i've got over 500 of every ascended kind and over 200 of the food im using and i've stopped more than 6 months to plant daily!!
Im not a commander so im using food less than a commander but again i have plenty of them!Many times i drop food for squads!

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