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reconstruction field


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Basic question if someone doesn't mind explaining to me please.


protection: 2 1/4 sec

pulses 3

duration 2 sec.


How are these numbers so contradictory?  I can't find an explanation anywhere.  This is just an example.  Many abilities have seemingly contradictory time elements.  Thanks for any explanations.  And, if anyone knows a website that has such answers, I'd appreciate it as well.  The wiki is less than helpful half the time.

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Stalima, I probably am not.  However, what, or perhaps how much, protection is pulsed?  Is it just horribly worded, and all it means is that you have 33% protection for 2 1/4 seconds?  Maybe there is a mechanic that I don't understand, because adding pulses and duration after the first sentence seems redundant and confusing.  One of the problems with this game is that I have not found a place that explains basic information like this.  The wiki is helpful in a general way, but it lacks specifics .  Thanks for the response.

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Duration is the water field duration which pulses protection initially and then every second for those 2seconds for 3 total pulses of 2.25s of protection for a grand total of 6.75s of protection for you and anyone in your field the full duration.  

tooltips can be a little funky sometimes, it’s just hard to format so much information simply.  Also, the protection is actually 2s base duration per pulse (6 total) so use that to apply your boon duration for a more accurate answer, tooltips put the duration in increments of a quarter second, while the game actually  uses more precise math.

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