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Firebrands always getting the blame when squad gets wiped in WvW.


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Meh, unless squad members are consistently getting pulled or cc'd, it's a little difficult to pinpoint FB being at fault. Often times people die because they are squirreling off tag, or commonly, the commander made a mistake in movement/positioning. "We stood in damage too long", "Ran out of cooldowns", "1/3 of the squad chased that one person", "y u push into enemy wells and bubble?" are not situations where the fb is to blame, and you can call it out.

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As someone who plays support FB in world vs world sometimes, I didn't get to experience getting blamed when my group does die, but it does come with a lot of factors of why a group is wiping: probably someone overextended or went out of position from the tag, and so on and so forth.

If someone puts a blame on you, maybe ask what could've done better in your part for you to improve, or if you think they're the ones who misplayed, maybe tell them the things they could do so you could support them better. Everyone is learning.

Or maybe, if the blaming is too unhealthy, leave the group. They don't deserve you. Find another group to support and move on.

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It depends on the group, if you joined a knowledgeable group they will know they went off tag to frag so its less possible they are gonna blame you. But in a lesser one they might overestimate themselves, and don't even know when is bad to get off tag, so if they die they are gonna blame you.


The good thing is that in good groups you can get complimented sometimes 😛

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On 9/28/2022 at 7:46 PM, Asahi.1487 said:

Just go on strike. Bad commanders always blame others cept themselves. See how they like it w/o supports

Exactly this. If someone put me on blast about my performance on support I'd just say, "then you do it" , drop group, change to a roaming build and they can F off.

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11 hours ago, Strider Pj.2193 said:

Yeah, this is me hoping he isn’t just a sexist piece of trash.

We are all different and view the world in different ways. Some people see peoples actions cruder and more honest than others rather than all being black and white. You can't overlook reasons for why single individuals would act in a certain way just because it falls into taboo topics of some cultures.

Anyways my comment was removed so I guess it triggered someone and I do agree it is better to stay away from such topics since most people can't stay neutral. Eh, I thought it was fascinating piece of theory behind how OPs problem actually occured. I even tried to see all possible reasonings why they would treat firebrands differently than scrappers and matched it with my own experiences. You should accept that in general one group like dogs like certain things and cats others but of course it isn't universal. You will observe from dogs, and towards dogs, more of certain kind of behaviour. Having advertisement designed towards certain audiences isn't sexism for example

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