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Some Scrapper Changes Postponed (Hey Someone Reads Forms).... Unsure on Quickness?


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This is one of those Pyrrhic victories for me as I don't see any specific addressing of the quickness nerf?   I have a bad feeling that this will still make the gyros a big nerf.



Hi everyone, back with a quick update:


Since the preview we've seen a lot of feedback around the proposed change to convert Scrapper gyros into ground-targeted stationary spells. The main concern we've seen is that this change would remove the unique feeling of the skills without replacing it with something new.

We agree – we'll be reverting the proposed changes and will be making a different set of adjustments to Purge and Sneak Gyro for WvW:

Sneak Gyro: Reduced stealth duration from 1.5 seconds to 1 second in WvW only. Reduced number of pulses from 6 to 3 in WvW only. This skill is no longer a smoke field in WvW only. This skill now plays a visual indicator to enemies on activation.

Purge Gyro: Increased cooldown from 20 seconds to 30 seconds in WvW only.


For clarification, we'll still be changing Defense Field into a ground-targeted skill in the October 4 update.

We'd still like to take a pass on updating the design of Scrapper gyros in the future, but not until we work out a replacement mechanic that feels both unique and fun to use.

As always, thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the upcoming changes; we really appreciate it.


Cal "cmc" Cohen

Skills and Balance Lead

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I mean, its great that they changed one thing, but then to "compensate" for this change, Scrapper got more nerfs and them saying they still want to change gyro's regardless. 

It seems like its already at the point that everyone should just abandon this elite spec entirely. After how good and fun its been, Anet didn't like that since EoD release. 

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