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At least make all outfits respect Asura feet


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So I bought the Astral Scholar outfit to use on an Asura char and guess what? It's the return of naked side toes that I didn't think I'd see in an outfit. Aren't outfits supposed to be the thing you put most design effort in? Come on, it's hard enough to find non-cultural boots that don't do this to Asura. I'm not going to request a refund or anything because preview exists and it's therefore my own stupid fault but I'm still disappointed. Side toes matter.  🥲

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13 hours ago, Knighthonor.4061 said:

I don't get how people Fashion War with Asura and Charr. Just doesn't make logical sense 

You get what you can. Sometimes a nice person at Anet throws you a bone. For instance, they clearly knew that a lot of the Hardlight weapons would be used by Asura players so they made the staff tilt more when stowed, making it one of the few staves that DON'T clip through Asura ears (although as they are holographic, surely that wouldn't be as weird as it usually is if it did).

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