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November 29 Balance Patch Wishes/Suggestions

Kydar Schattendolch.6879

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I wish for Bugfixes and a revisit of the eod specs Feedback.


Just an example: why do allies see harbingers lifeforce as health even if it's healable in shroud and lifeforce doesn't protect the actual health? Or the pulsing quickness that is a problem in pvp, and in PvE but for different reasons.


Further expansion of support/ healing builds. Or further nerfs/reworks to existing overperforming builds.

example for undesirable heal builds: warrior, scourge...

To make them desireable in endgame content.

Heal bladesworn for example will see a hefty nerf (elite skill if i remember correctly) and heal quickness warrior doesn't work well, because quickness and healing comes from two different utility skills, that compete with each other, while weapon skills don't really contribute to the build.


While scourge is playable and can be extremely good, it isn't desireable right now.

It doesn't bring any boons. Which means you have to bring two other supporters to your subgroup. Role compression is very important! You don't want to use 1 full healscourge, and two boon supports that deal 70% of a full DPS as damage. If you can take one boon support and one healboonsupport in order to get one more DPS spot in the group. Also keep in mind that good groups will tend to play less healers (maybe only one healer for 10 people).

Also I think that it's not good, that a build exists, that basically let's players ignore learning mechanics.


Reworks to underused weapons/weapon skills, utility skills and traits. For me as Necro player, blighter's boon in the reaper traitline (grandmaster) isn't used in any gamemode in my opinion.


Next up: rebalancing/reworking of certain power builds. So that ever class (not spec) has a very good condi build and a very good power build for endgame pve. Most prominent examples: dh, reaper.


And last but not least I still want to see a general balance philosophy of all classes.

For example: "we want every class to have a very good power, condi, boon support and heal build":

or "class x should excel at support on condi heavy fights like anka strike, while class y should excel on add heavy fights"

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Guardian: Dragonhunter buffs

Necromancer: Reaper buffs, some love for the scourge heal skill

Warrior: More QoL on berserker, damage nerfs to bladesworn, so it isnt miles ahead compared to the other two specs

Revenant: Some more love to vindicator

Ranger: Actually cant think of anything in PvE

Elementalist: Weaver buffs, adjustments to catalyst (e.g. -10% trait)

Thief: A bit more love to daredevil (not on the AA though)

Engineer: Holo buffs which profit escu sword umd pbm rifle both, most likely more nerfs to mech

Mesmer: Virtuoso nerfs I guess, especially chrono needs help though. It dropped from the best support to one of the worst. Let it do Q+A again.


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  • 4 weeks later...

My warrior wishlist:

  • Arms rework
  • Sword MH and OH reworks/buffs
  • Rifle to actually deal decent damage (~+50% increase on AA Rifle 3 and 4, and 25% increase on F1s and Rifle 2)
    • Rifle 4 made to evade prior to the attack
  • Fan of Fire changed to be sequential multi hit attack rather than a cone.
  • Longbow projectile velocities increased by at least 33%.
  • 100 Blades gets 2s cast time
  • Body Blow changed to deal strike damage and weakness, can critical
  • 5s weapon swap baseline, fast hands now gives 2s of quickness on weapon swap
  • Heightened Focus reworked to not be trash
  • Mending Might changed to heal allies the warrior grants might to.
  • Marching Order's CD removed.
  • Soldier's Comfort CD removed and changed to scale off of adrenaline tier¬†used¬†with a low base heal but high scaling with healing power
  • Martial Cadence CD reduced to 6s
  • Charge's quickness duration increased to 5s.
  • Banner CDs reduced from 30s to 20s.
  • Double Standards changed to not give quickness on banners, but other boons/effects specific to each banner,
    • Defense: Protection for 10s
    • Tactics: Resolution for 10s
    • Strength: 10 might for 10s, base banner now pulses damage in an AoE (halve of the on summon damage)
    • Discipline: Fury for 10s, base banner now pulses 2¬†bleed stacks for 5s in an AoE¬†
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Well i hope they massive changes the plan pve update because of wvw much like they massive changed the wvw update due to pve. Should be fun.

Pve balancing is mostly brain dead bench marks just update base off of that and do NOT carry any of it over to wvw or spvp.

If any thing just add ways to give ppl needed effect though the raids or pve events them self so you can comply bypass the need for one class vs another.

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Increase boon range from overlaods tempest from 180 to 600 ! thats the range of mech afk alacrity , might and fury pulsing .

Some def option when we overload ( less cast time for overloads... and no huge trade off , ty )

Remove the -10% damage when you choose to give quickness as catalyst , you were talking to remove all negative effect on traits  ty to stick to that ( scrapper -180 vit. , druid -20% stats for pet)

Make weaver ... just good at something ... i dont know ... i need 20 fingers to do something correctly with it , so all weavers players should have a coupon reduction for a mouse with 12 more side buttons , ...


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Some hot takes and shower thoughts:


  • Thief¬†
  1. Specter trait rework. Better division between dps, healer, boon dps builds. Buff shroud health or damage reduction in PVE
  2. Quickness option on Deadeye's Grandmaster 3
  3. Staff 2, Dagger 3 etc. no longer lock you in an animation but allow to move freely (a bit of a stretch but it's a godlike QoL for me)


  1. Power damage buff across the board, for example with power coefficients to core weapons, Longbow and OH Sword
  2. Quickness mantra nerf so quickbrands need to take more concentration and quickness traits, thus toning dps down; also buff 2 other GM traits for fox sake, I haven't seen a single build running anything but Loremaster
  3. Allow to cast DH traps from range to solidify it as a (potentially) 100% Ranged spec



  1. Buff Untamed Grandmaster traits to compete with CDR trait on DPS specs. Buff hammer damage a bit maybe?
  2. Reduce Celestial Avatar CD or allow to use it at less than 100% charge
  3. Buff some pet families' damage and merged skills at random so everyone has to get outside and find these randos in the wild before you nerf them back and buff some others


  1. Some nerfs to condi virtuoso, primarily in blade generation I guess?
  2. Some buffs to condi weapons, especially offhands, so condi virtuosos can take actual condi stuff


  1. Delete mech, or at least its damage. You need something bigger than October patch nerfs cos I still have like 6 mechs in my raid groups
  2. Buff damage across the holo
  3. Hottest take of them all: introduce weapon swap cooldown on kits, with CDR trait somewhere in Tools. Buff kits if needed


  1. Slight buffs to Vindicator damage and healing
  2. Buffs to Renegade to become a viable boon support again
  3. Hot take: make Alac (or Quic) application a core trait somewhere in Salvation, attached to an F button (not utilities). Remove alac and quic traits from Herald and Renegade. This will make all Rev specs, even Vindicator, viable both as boon support and DPS


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Warrior rifle complete overhaul. It would make sense that engineers having updated their gear would give some similar upgrade to the front-lines. Warrior suffers at range, which should make sense considering Iron Legion are so selfish with their tools, but what about us who are Iron warriors?


It feels like the updates to the engineer rifle made it a long-range support piece of kit with the quick fire rate and explosions coupled with two CC abilities. The warrior should be mid-range rifle, filling a shock trooper role. Maybe it doesn't have to hit as hard, but it needs to hit fast to help with adrenaline buildup. Throw down a grenade or barrage to soften them up, and charge in with violent and quick adrenaline-fueled combat. As it stands, it feels like rifle warrior was to be a sniper backliner that was just forgotten to collect dust.


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Reviewing the vindicator is a step forward for 10 steps back. (I don't know how to change the hardness traits to something more useful, the intermediate. There are proposals in the party revenant). Review the hammer especially the skill 2.

Forced Engagement a return of the skill to 1200 range

Fixed vindicator bugs: the dodge bug in aquatic, the 3 to the GS makes the half of the distance at certain time is 450 instead of 900 and a dodge in the stairs as on the red map WvW the dodge and slows down in the movements.

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Ele pets stay after mounting up, Weaver is streamlined to be more accessible OR it's damage is buffed to give more incentive to memorize it's insane rotation (Condi DD does more damage, is much simpler, and EVADES CONSTANTLY during it's rotation). Add back Eye of The Storm trait on Tenpest, it was such a HUUUUUUGE QoL trait, what we have now feels a underwhelming.

Also streamline Untamed a bit, 7 class actions and 2 sets of weapon skills is a bit much, it feels so, so clunky

Specter's HP coefficient is brought back up in PvE, maybe 1.0 if anet is worried it'd be too much if was reverted to the original 1.69. Or if they do not wish to raise the shroud coefficient, allow specter to generate more shadow force, the thing that lets it gain shroud HP, more shadow force generated, less time to enter shroud. Daredevils staff skills 3 and 4 get reworked to make them more usable over spamming staff 2 and using staff 5 sometimes. Get rid of the 5% damage reduction on Deadly Aim, or BETTER YET, replace it with Ricochet to give Thief a dif tagging weapon that isn't Shortbow.

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Make Engineer pistol autoattack fire as fast as its tooltip says it does. Come on. It's been 10 years.


Quoth the Wiki: 

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