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Elementalist down state recovery error?


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So i am down and hitting the recover things and presto - i recover BUT - all my skills 1 through 0 are blank. Pretty sure it's not supposed to be that way. Can happen like twice and then i am just dead and have to go to a wp. Anyone else experiencing that? is there a CURE?

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found the answer - i was in vapor form. did not even know that was a thing.
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I think you are not revived or rallyed, but you actually press the downed skill vapor form. The downed skills depend on your profession. This particular skill can be confusing if you do not read the tooltip carefully.

It transforms you in a cloud of vapor, enabling you to move around, but not to use any skills or participate in the fight. It is usefull for elementalist (who have low armor and are low on health) to transport themselves away from the battle to a place where they have more chance to revive themselves or get revived.

Vapor Form - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

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Its not usually possible to recover from downed state unless there's an ally nearby. The enemy has to be low enough on health for you to finish it off with your #1 and #3 skills. The #2 skill (Vapor Form) can move you to your party so they can revive you in group settings, (or sometimes to a safe place when solo, like into a fort), and the #4 skill can get you up if you're not being attacked, but getting attacked interrupts it.


Downed state main purpose is to allow you to be revived by allies. If you're going into downstate when solo you need a better gear or gameplay, or to pick your enemies more carefully. Use your active defenses like dodging, Arcane Shield, and your healing skills.


I strongly recommend not wearing gear without Vitality on Elementalist as they have the lowest health.

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