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Cannot keep items in my Favorites (BLTC)

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Hi all,


I've been noticing for a few weeks/months that I am no longer able to keep any items in my Favorites on the Black Lion Trading Company interface. I can add items to my Favorites with no problem (clicking the small heart icon next to an item works) and they will stay in my Favorites until I log out of the game, but when logging back in all of my Favorites have disappeared and the list of Favorites is empty (on all my characters).

Any clue? Is this a know issue? I haven't found anything like that on the forum beforehand.


Thanks in advance



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Favorites are stored in Local.dat. If you're using the -shareArchive option (which is typically used to launch multiple accounts), note it prevents changes to Local.dat. If you're not using that option, delete Local.dat under %appdata%\Guild Wars 2. Also note that if GW2 isn't exited properly - it either crashes or the process is terminated - pending changes to Local.dat may not be saved.

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