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Looking for thoughts on the Chain-Whip Sword, as a Charr Elementalist (weaver)?


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I didn't know where else to stick this, sorry.

I've been eyeing the Chain-Whip Sword skin and waiting to see if it goes on sale but I'm still on the fence if I REALLY want to drop the gems for one. It looks cool (if a bit fast) but the youtube videos showing it off have mostly been of more normal-looking humanoid races, and I think Charr animations play out a little differently. At the very least, I can tell that their sword flurry animation doesn't utilize any overheard downward swings. Weavers also have an effect where all of their sword swings are caked with elemental effects and I was wondering if the more dynamic-looking Chain Whip Sword also has those graphics play out along the entire length of the blade? The closest I could find was a Mesmer swinging it and it looks like it does for them, but I also know that Weaver came out 2 years afterward so I don't know if the same holds true for them. It'd drive me bonkers if the special effects only play out like a typical sword and would appear desynched for this weapon in particular.

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* casts elite skill One-Year Thread Necro *

So uh, now that we've all got these Black Lion Vouchers from the event, does anyone have info for poor OP who's waited a year for an answer? Namely, does the Weaver/Elem sword elemental effects affect the full length of the chain whip sword when it's extended? I mean, that'd be pretty sweet, right?

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