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[EU] LF Guild or Static for Weekly Normal Raiding

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Looking for either a guild that organizes weekly normal raid groups, or preferably a static.

I haven't raided before in GW2, so I would enjoy starting from W1, just to experience it all 🙂

Available Classes (meta gear/build, practiced in Strike Missions):
Power/Quickness DPS Herald
Condi/Alacrity DPS Renegade
Bladestorm, Berserker DPS

Still Leveling/Gearing:
Condi/QuickDPS/Heal Firebrand
Alac Mirage
... Something something Ranger, once I figure what to do with him. (probably Druid)

Unavailable on Thursdays, but rest of the week should generally be OK. Prefer to play after 16:00 UTC during the week, any time during the weekend.


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