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What Is NPC Armor Range?

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3 hours ago, Lorendyl Azoradaelas.5203 said:

i.e. damage divisor.


World Bosses

Fractal Bosses

Raid Bosses

Mob Trash

Exactly that used by the "light', "medium", and "heavily"-armored target references throughout the game. Heavy armor is generally standardised at around 2600, and this is used for tooltips as well. This means the tooltip is your minimum damage in PvE, not your average damage.


The exact armor ratings of individual enemies aren't known, as they aren't displayed anywhere, but you can kind-of test them with specific builds. Due to the random nature of damage this requires alot of time and  sample data to be averaged out to get anywhere near an accurate result.


For some reason the armor ratings of enemies in PvE are similar to players from PvP, and far below that of players from PvE or WvW, where 3k is the soft cap and its not uncommon to see 3.5k-4k armor.

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