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Possible to check what you choose when logan asked you...

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... where both, you, and your sister descend from?


When you start a human character, and pick the story step about your sister; you get to pick your ancestry location of Tyria, when Logan Thackeray says to update the records.


Is there a way possible to find out what we chose?

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Go to your story journal from the hero panel. Select My Story and then click "I'm SoulGuardian" (or whatever your character is called).


Edit - oh just checked and that's only your initial choices

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I can't find anywhere your heritage choice is noted. According to the wiki, the only impact is on the appearance of your sister in the Falcon Company story step:


  • Deborah's appearance will change based on a dialogue option chosen when Logan asks you "Falcon Company's records were largely destroyed by centaur raids. I'm trying to get a complete roster. Your sister was of Krytan descent?"
    • Ascalonian: Has light skin with blond hair.
    • Canthan: Has pale skin with long straight black hair and look Asian.
    • Elonian: Has dark skin with short black hair.
    • Krytan: Has tanned skin with short black hair and dark eyes.
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