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[Suggestions] Regarding Community Related Aspects

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I, like many of my GW2 Enjoyer brethren, am in love with this game; I've played it for years and have spent hours upon hours not only in the game, but also purusing the GW2 Reddit and lurking in the Forums, looking up content and builds; I've even fallen in love with Belcher's Bluff, a very niche mini-game that far too few people are familiar with; however, recently I have found myself slipping away from this game. This shift is not because the game stopped being good, nor is it because I've burnt myself out recently, it's simply because I no longer feel a strong sense of community and camraderie like I once did. I am not here to say that this is somehow ANET's problem, or that I am not the one at fault, but my fondness for this game has driven me to try and detail what I consider to be some areas where this already impressive and downright lovely game could potentially be expanded to further enhance players' experiences with regards to the community at large. I hope that some people find them tolerable, or even decent.

Firstly, the Home Instance. Personally, I enjoy just sitting around in a well-populated map and just chatting it up with people, hanging out, doing stupid emotes, and just having a nice, chill time. I also believe that in a game where personal growth, progress, and achievement are, more or less, the name of the game (whether it's getting shiny armor and weapons, difficult titles, finding a bunch of cats, etc), it is a bit odd that the home of our players are so isolated and baren. Even a fully filled out Home Instance feels like a graveyard that is just meant to be run through once a day to get some loot on the side, and the difficulty of entering and low max player count make it somewhat of a drag to be in, especially considering things like bank access or even crafting spots are nowhere to be seen within, outside of the Kitchen set you can get through the Chef crafting profession. I understand that the home instances are likely limited in this way to prevent having to host thousands upon thousands of instances just to amuse small parties of people who very well might just be afk, but I do think there is room for a happy in-between. Something like the Commander system, where you can either run a normal squad (or Home instance), but can also choose to open up your Home Instance to allow larger amounts to enter. Then players could create a Room Name (Or just have the player's username or Character's name, such as "BigBoiHammerWar's Home"), potentially set a Password (if they'd like) and have their home added to a LFG-style system that appears whenever players approach the entryway to the Home Instances.
I also think that being able to obtain things like Bank Access, perhaps Crafting Stations, or a Black Lion Trader would help to make Home Instances someplace that you could actually hangout and get some work done in, rather than just Tyria's most cat-littered instance.
And yes, I understand that there are places that are essentially home instances but with all the bells and whistles I've described, but the simple fact remains that they are not the home instance, yet they could be. The Home Instance could be a place to exhibit all the time and energy you've put into leveling your crafting professions, finding cats, collecting nodes and garden beds, etc, and yet instead it's probably the least interesting part of anyone's day when they go through and gather their daily home nodes.
(As a side-note, I think adding gem-store home-instance decorations could add a huge market to the game and really rack in some more revenue, but that's just me)

Next, I'd like to discuss the Guild Halls. Guilds in MMO's have something of a mystical quality about them. The idea that you can band together with allies and set forth to become legends in the game, or even just have a chill communal home where everyone can hangout and have a common goal or interest (since Home Instances are, again, a bit lackluster at the moment). However, Guilds in GW2 are fairly stale. They can provide some nice bonuses, but really unless you have a group of friends who are fine having a vastly inferior guild together when there are countless maxed out ones offering all the bonuses they could ever ask for, there's not really much reason to create a guild or join a new one as a new player. I understand that there's a reason for this, and I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I do think it would be nice to give people more social incentives, such as offering a few smaller, cheaper guild halls that won't have all the bells and whistles of a fully levelled normal guild, but will still be able to provide newer players with a spot to engage in guild-related activities (whether it's the guild-storage, guild missions, even just access to the scribe table, etc.). As someone who has tried repeatedly to level a small guild with only a handful of friends, it is an arduous, uphill battle, and it's not uncommon for people to just give up sooner or later because there's no real benefit to trying to grind out the Guild Missions with a 2-3 man squad, assuming you can even accept them at all (even if you have 10-20 people, if you can't regularly organize a time where a handful can get on for guild missions, it can be a real pain). This one might just be my personal gripe, but I really do wish there was more of a landscape for small, personal guilds to flourish.

The last thing I would like to touch briefly on is Solo Instanced Content. I'd just like to say a few words here, since I know this topic is far larger and more complex than either of the other two. Very basically, I just think it'd be cool if we could bring even one friend into Instanced Content, the same way we can bring people into our Home Instances or how multiple people join into instances of PvP together. I find the main enticing factor of MMO's to be the communal aspect (shocker, I know), so having to play through the entire story alone is just a little bit of a drag at times. Even if it was a little unbalanced to bring a second person into certain instances, I still think it would be a huge net positive in terms of overall enjoyment, especially in instances where there are long, largely uneventful walks to and fro, or massive dialogue chunks. I like this story as much as the next guy, but even I have to admit it can be a bit of a drag to be sitting alone, hearing people talk about how they should work together for a while, and maybe talk about the past a bit (which is usually fairly insteresting, but also would be more interesting if I could be running around like a dingus with a pal during it). Forgot this was already a thing. Thank you Linken.6345 for pointing this out to me.

Anyways though, that's my shpiel. I hope it's not too terrible, and maybe even that some like minds end up feeling the same way. It's definitely not a complete "This is how I would fix this game blah blah blah", but I like to think I've got some good ideas worth sharing at least. Thank you for reading if you've made it this far. I apologize in advance for any weird typos or grammatical errors I've made. Have a good one.

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4 hours ago, Apache Helicopter.8905 said:

I also think that being able to obtain things like Bank Access, perhaps Crafting Stations, or a Black Lion Trader would help to make Home Instances someplace that you could actually hangout and get some work done in, rather than just Tyria's most cat-littered instance.

You can do Cooking 500 and the related quests and you get a cooking station/bank in your home instance (at least for that character). I always make a point of raiding my home instance with my chef for that very reason!

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