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Reflects And Projectile Nullification


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19 hours ago, Justine.6351 said:

lol and in this same thread there are people talking about tag snipping and focusing necros. Its almost like if you know what you are doing you can make many more things work over the player that just wants to press 1 and 2 into a reflect bubble and legolas them into the ground. That's why I am against a counter for reflect walls. All it would do is reward continued failing until "success".

what I was trying to tell you, does not refer specifically to the skills of reflection or the skills of the long arc, but it is a somewhat broader reasoning. the premise here is that talking about balance between classes is certainly the most complicated topic and certainly the most complicated work for development. I have also suggested in other posts that arenanet should give precedence to a lot of small changes (much simpler) to improve the experience of its players in terms of competition and motivation.

if we want to talk about balance between classes (like the last 10 posts) we can tell ourselves very little, because we do not know which perimeter arenanet has traced in this sense, we do not know what balance it has chosen and how it wants to achieve its goal of balance. if we want to spend some time together (since we all have a common passion) we can only begin to understand what we mean by ''balance''.

when you use this term in this genre of games and specifically for our favorite game, a few things immediately come to mind: equal rules for everyone, all classes should have the same opportunities to build, and all classes should be able to build with all the accessories we have available. ( if you leave behind someone or something you have failed ) if we give way to build only for example a 20K burst damage I should give way to build a defense of 20K, and not only if you have a way to break out that damage every 40 seconds then I should have a way to defend that damage every 40 seconds, if we have limits to distribute our damage to a maximum of 5 players then we must have limits of difera to a maximum of 5 players, and so on.

if you give the opportunity to escape from a fight that hurts a class (with a portal or with an invisible or with a prolonged super speed) then you must also grant it to everyone else. so as you see just to agree on what we mean by '' balance '' we already open a complicated comparison. 😊

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