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Congratulations to the unbalance team


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This is really just a matter of relearning some muscle memory.

F1 to burst (Normal or Primal)

F2 to enter Berserk. 

This update  should over improve the flow of berserker's rotation with the addition of adrenaline to rage skills.

Now we just need F2 to also exit Berserk.

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1 minute ago, jcgreece.6870 said:

For making berserker's gameplay even worse with every update. That's quite an achievement. Now you need to press 2 different buttons to use 1 skill.

Does anyone even play warrior over there?

The Berserker change is them reverting it to how it used to be. Which is good.

Lots of work still needs to be done to Warrior just overall but this patch was a step in the appropriate direction.

Been enjoying seeing the Bladesworn complaints on the forums.

Oh no. Bladesworns obvious design flaws are more obvious. 🤣

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