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[BUG] Berserker eviscerate burst and rage berserk mode may use at the same time

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As sayed in last patchnote: 




Berserk: This skill has been moved to slot 2 of the profession mechanic bar. Core burst skills are now accessible in slot 1 of the profession mechanic bar for the berserker specialization.

Berserk mode now activates instantly.

Entering berserk mode no longer initiates an attack...


Bug was checked on an axe: since the f1 skill (eviscerate) has a casting time of about 1sec, and the f2 skill (berserk mode) is now instant - pressing f1 and f2 in a row leads to the strike by eviscerate (this can be seen from the damage dealt) and applying of berserk mode, and all for a same overall pool of adrenaline. Obviously it shouldn't be, either one or the other. Probably the bug also appears with other weapons.


Edit: it seem that applying of berserk mode requires full adrenaline, but does not consume it, and that way we can choose which burst are use for accumulated adrenalin. As if not a bug, but the mechanics are not obvious.

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