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Draconic Echo and Quickness Upkeep Changes?


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Can you consider changes to this particular talent and reconsider how Quickness is maintained by Herald? It seems quite strange to give it a system of upkeep boons, then add a talent that not only has you essentially eliminate the upkeep system for the Herald skills, but make you use the skills active abilities 'just' to rotate in Quickness rather than when they might actually be needed for an encounter. Wouldn't it make sense for the talent to provide X seconds of Quickness per 3 seconds, X being the amount of current upkeep being used by the Herald?

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I think the best approach (for PvE) would be to swap Rising Momentum with Hardening Persistence and to make Rising Momentum give quickness AoE around you instead of speed %. For competitive modes it clearly won't be a good change so they might either change quickness to might (boring) or make quickness only for the herald (which might still be OP).

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