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The Soulbeast change


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Its sad because normally Rangers have to pet swap to resurrect their Pet... 

Its like literally one extra button you need to press, F5 and then F4. Not to mention the amazing stability trait that got added means you can finish people with a pet swap to avoid CC.

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15 hours ago, Gotejjeken.1267 said:

Don't think you actually want your merge skill to trigger like pet swap, because it's more beneficial to get something like Zephyr when you are merged and swap or unmerged and swap, and use merge just to get stat bonuses / rez pet / get certain merge traits working like Fresh Reinforcement.

Ehhh... You might be right -- going to take some getting used to, though. 

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1 hour ago, YaWaterBoy.2986 said:

The change was made because soulbeasts can now pet swap while merged, if they didn't make this change you would be able to double up by merging then swapping

You can't double up on effects with internal cooldowns, which zephyr's speed and clarion bond both have.

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