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Can anyone guess what's the highest cooldown (non-racial) elite skill in gw2 for ANY class or spec
That's right, it's Conjure Fiery Greatsword, at no less then 3 minutes cooldown time in 2022, with no traits existent to shorten this cooldown or increase the uptime of this skill. 


But what does an elementalist get for paying such a high cooldown ? 
A new set of weapon skills, 260 power and 180 condition damage for 30 seconds, or 59 if you can pick up your weapon and you do it at the perfect time (and someone else doesn't take it first)


That is 16.6% baseline uptime on a weapon-swap-like elite skill for Core Elementalist.

To put that into perspective,

- Core Necromancer has a 13.3% baseline uptime on a weapon-swap-like elite skill that grants them 2000 raw stats compared to Elementalist s 440 , split into 1000 precision and 1000 vitality, as well as permanent stability for the skills uptime (21 seconds) a boon that necro has a very limited amount of, as well as life force for interaction with their class mechanic and the rest of their kit

- Core Engineer has a 100% uptime 0 seconds cooldown weapon-swap-like elite skill that has the flexibility to be dropped and then used again whenever desired to do so. It also grants them very high range that they lack otherwise, as well as 4 short-medium cooldown combo fields to blast for more synergy with the rest of their kit.


Meanwhile Elementalist, the class whose optimal playstyle is to weapon swap 4 times in 10 seconds, gets a 3 MINUTE COOLDOWN WEAPON SWAP as their elite skill. The skills provided are improved by 1 single trait and have no synergy whatsoever with the rest of your traits or skills, not even a fire field.

On top of that, it has no integration with your profession mechanic, and makes you feel like you're cosplaying revenant for 30 seconds. 

Do I even need to mention how the best use for this skill is firing off 3 cooldowns and then dropping it ?


I literally couldn't care less what 1% of the playerbase will do in raids with Conjure Fiery Greatsword Theif or how hard the rotation will get for the 0.87% meta-defining catalyst players;

It's a game, make it fun to play


Conjure Fiery Greatsword sucks, make it not suck

God kitten Mistfire Wolf is on a lower cooldown.

Goes for the entire conjure skill type tbh.

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Conjure weapons are such a missed opportunity.  Just make them kits already.  The opportunity cost of not being able to access your other skills is enough of a tradeoff and in practice we just use a few skills and swap anyway which is no different from another attunement.  If complexity is the issue, what class do you think we're playing here?  Nobody chooses elementalist for its ease of play.  Just embrace it already!

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So I think conjured weapons would be fine as is if they actually functioned like a burst cd. However the ratios on most of their skills are too low. If the ratios were improved and summoning them actually had an impactful effect to warrant them having a cast time (compared to engi just instant swapping) then they could do away with the extra weapon sitting on the ground that messes up teammates and also make it so that the optimal use for conjures wasn’t just use a skill or two and drop them. Each conjured weapon has a skill or two that is honestly cool or useful (well except lava ax) but they are bogged down by the weird function and extra useless skills. A more streamlined burst cd would be much easier to balance and feel much better as well.

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I was really hoping for a Conjuror spec where conjured weapons were rolled into the attunements. I made a mockup a long time ago where it would work like Revenant, and attuning would change not only your weapon skills but also put the Conjured weapon skills in the 6-0 slots, permanently.

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I agree about the issue with conjured weapons, and would propose a rework along these lines.


Conjures changed to conjure elemental

Elite glyph changed to glyph of elemental weapons. 


No longer replace weapon skills and doesn't drop on the floor, instead it will cover your f1 to f4 attunement skills so you can't attunement swap but you keep weapon skills of current attunement. No auto attack for elemental weapons. Can swap out of it the same way we do with current conjures.


Current conjure skills now summon element appropriate elementals for a period of time. No longer despawned upon mounting.

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