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So anyone got a good PvP build that uses Tools and can get around the Alchemy crutch?


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I generally find I'm always stuck with Alchemy because it has nice traits eg.... to increase heal, can give constant heal, gives might, increases Concentration and elixr cooldown reduction.   I use the heal skill which is the elixir for instance and treated that's 20 seconds with a bigger heal because of the alchemy trait. 


I'm also reliant on it because I like quickness and so elixir U (which comes with a stun break) is reduced in cooldown, it also improves my other stun break on E gun.... 


So I'm thinking I might be able to try relying on the tools trait now for condi removal... which means maybe I can give up E gun... I technically would have a 14 second heal on medkit toolbelt... though int seems weak.    Losing Elix U sucks because where does the swiftness come from now ? (and I cannot fathom how to strategically use both my toolbelt skills for their vital purpose and try to time using the fourth one for quickness).  So are folks running without alchemy just giving up on quickness?

I tried giving up explosives and doing tools and alchemy, but with zero and divinity it puts you at 18.3K ..... it plays super fun though.   However a good dead eye basically melts you.  So Just not enough durability.

Anyway... anyone got any ideas for how to use toolbelt in a build and give up either alchemy and explosives... and if so how do you deal with lack of healing and quickness?

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