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Hammer in PvE


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After running around using Aggressive Onslaught, I can happily say that using it against mobs that can actually be CC'd is very fun! However, the big issue with Hammer now is two-fold.


1) Aggressive Onslaught requires your CC to affect the target to be usable (at least, from what I noticed, please correct me if I'm wrong) thus making it night unusable on any target with a defiance bar.


2)Hammer skills 4 and 5 are on extremely high cooldowns, making it difficult to perform anything in a timely manner that isn't just pressing 2 or 3.


I understand these skills having high cooldowns in PvP, absolutely. However, in PvE, it should be about the feel of the weapon, and how it is to use. So far, I'm just pressing 3 and 2 a lot, and that's it.


I'd like to see some slightly increased functionality on Aggressive Onslaught, maybe granting you quickness whenever you hit a target that has any CC effect on them (including slow, cripple, or weakness) with a 10s internal cooldown, allowing it to be far more consistent, and even usable on enemies with break bars that you cannot currently break. On top of that, I'd like to see the cooldown on Hammer 4 brought down to 16s or so, and Hammer 5 brought down to 20s for PvE Only.


Lemme know what you think.

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I haven't tried hammer again yet but if you aren't starting encounters with 2-5-2 you're missing out.


I did try double mace and was really surprised by the uptime on quickness.  It's a good kit.  It was just slow and they took care of that.  You are right though, defiance bars are a weakness to both maces and hammers until it unlocks; then you're a god.

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