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Dragonscale Defense Doesn't give protection


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2 hours ago, eXruina.4956 said:

i actually think the 1 stack of stab was better, they should keep it the way it is. 😶

Then they need to fix the ICD, because it triggered every DT instead of the tooltip ICD of 60s. The trait was bugged the whole time and a key reason the spec was performing well.

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30 minutes ago, Tycura.1982 said:

It is and that's why they're getting rid of it. Made BSworn too uncounterable. Can't CC, can't blind, can't Block. Ect.

They really should give stability back to it on triggerguard, though.  Asking someone to stand still for up to 2.5s while charging their big stack with nothing but two charges of a single aegis (on 60s CD, no less) is pretty lame and a recipe for failure. 

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