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Backstab should teleport you behind target in pve if within melee range or remove damage penalty.


Backstab should shadowstep you behind target in pve if within melee range or remove damage penalty.  

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8 hours ago, Bern.9613 said:

Yea, been there, done that. Had all traps removed


My beloved shadow trap.. absolutely free backstab dmg, and a counter to people that wanted to follow you in stealth and backstab you or stealth attack in general, and then you uno reverse them. 

I still think that Dagger/Dagger should have it’s throwing dagger be a flying backstab type of move/area teleport. 

> When dagger is thrown and hits an enemy gain access to shadow stalk, immediately shadowstep to enemy backside while in stealth for 2s, but if no enemy is hit teleport to area where dagger was thrown (kinda like the flying raijin yellow flash minato in Naruto) (Range: 1200)

That would be the number 4 skill, and the number 5 can be a block or projectile deflect similar to warriors projectile reflect shield trait. Or #5 can simply be a dash forward (distance: 600 which is still pretty bad in the grand scheme) (You’d have a ton of movement with D/D) this would help D/D tremendously and honestly wouldn’t be any more OP than what we already have out today, since our backstab number co-efficient’s have been nerfed.


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I tried to find the video I made many years ago of a ranger down by sw camp. He would hide behind the wall and pew pew anyone who tried to take the sentry then duck behind the wall again. I laid a shadow trap just inside the entrance, baited him and dodged his attack. When he went behind the wall to wait out his cd, I popped the trap right behind him. The onslaught of whispers and mails was just too funny.

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