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Wishlist for the November balance patch


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So, what I wish for Elementalist is Staff skills improvements. All in general.



 Lava Font to inflict damage and cripple as soon as is cast.


Ice Spike and Eruption.

Inflict damage as soon as is cast.

Animations reduced to 1 second to match damage.

Ice spike cause knockdown aswell as vulnerability. 

Eruption inflicts cripple aswell as bleeding.



 Dragon Tooth needs to take effect right when it's cast.


Shatterstone animation reduced to 1 second and cause damage within that 1 second.


Water Trident now leaves a water field after its initial effect that pulses heal every second for 3 seconds.



Lava Skin

I would request instead of its red skin shadder, the weaver could gain fire aura instead.


Earthen Vortex

Stab the ground instead of going under it.


 Twin Strike and Shearing Edge.

Increase damage dealt by these two skills.

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Gathered Focus - Your concentration is increased. Gain increased concentration when above the threshold. Gain Stability when you overload. 

Harmonious Conduit - Your Overloads give stability to 4 additional targets and give swiftness. 

Lucid Singularity - Upon completing starting an overload, apply alacrity to nearby allies. 

Eye of the Storm - Grants shocking aura in addition to its other effects. (aura duration reduced in PvP)

Overload fire - Radius increased to 360. 

Overload Air - Target cap increased to 5.



General - Orbs are no longer destroyed upon contact with projectile destruction fields when orbiting the player. (They are still destroyed when tossed with grand finale)

Spectacular Sphere - No longer reduces outgoing damage by 10%

Evasive Empowerment - Reworked. Gain elemental empowerment when swapping attunements. Increase the duration of your orbs when you combo. 

Elemental Empowerment - New stacks will now refresh the duration of older stacks. In addition to its other effects, create an orb of the corresponding attunement when swapping attunements. 

Hammer 3 - This is no longer a flip skill. Name changed to Grand Finale. 

Empowered Empowerment - In addition to its other effects, cast grand finale when you perform a combo finisher at max stacks, but do not consume your orbs.  (10 second ICD). 



That bug that let Weavers pump a lot of barrier? Yeah, that's back. Go nuts. 



General - Velocity of all projectiles increased. Velocity of air auto attack significnatly increased. 

Pyromancer's Training - Increses radius of fire fields created by weapon skills by 100 units in addition to its other effects. 

Lava Font -  Base Radius increased by 60 units. Now does an immediate tick of damage when placed. 

Eruption - Arm time reduced from 4 seconds to 1 second. 

Lightning surge - Is no longer a DPS loss to cast. Damage coefficient increased to 3.0. 

Healing Rain - Pulses healing in addition to its other effects. (200 healing per pulse with 0 healing power)

Frozen Ground - Now pulses a small amount of damage. 










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