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Should Stability be changed?


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With all the changes that went throughout the game's history, new elite specs, new skills, mechanic changes, I think Stability should get a new look.


Currently Stability counters:


Hard CC based on body displacement: Knock down, Push back, Pull, Launch, Float, Sunk
Hard CC: Stun

Soft CC: Daze

Condition based CC: Fear, Taunt


Is that too much? Should Stability really counter all of these effect?


What I think should be done:


Condition based CC (Fear, Taunt), should be removed from Stability list, we got Resistance boon for them.

Daze should be removed from Stability list - it is basically an interrupt, and I think player that managed to Daze in a right moment should feel rewarded.

Stun - in my opinion, it should also be removed from the list, there is enough stun breaks in the game.


If WvW stun spam would be problematic, I guess one could keep it in list only for it. Or you know, balance around it, AoE ranged stuns could be reworked to 1 second max, or even less, maybe even into Daze instead of Stun effect. 


The change to Stability countering only Hard CC based on body displacement seems the effect it should have, while Stun/Daze/Fear/Taunt should not be a part of it.


In its current form, Stability is too strong, it counters too many things, and is a primary reason for many of the Boon Rip sources just to be able to actually fight your enemy, while primary effects that are actually made to do so are heavily countered by just one boon.



I put this here in the Warrior subforum because I think Stability if very problematic for us, and it made me think that overall it is problematic as well and in its current form unhealthy for the game. 

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I'd rather have the sources of stability have limited availability on classes that aren't Warrior/Guardian/Revenant instead of nerfing stability directly.

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Soldier Professions should have a shared boon pool of things they can reliably apply imo but that's just me.
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8 hours ago, Mikali.9651 said:

Should Stability really counter all of these effect?

Yes it should and it needs to do all that. On top of that, Arenanet should change Stability to not being removable by enemies.

CC of all kinds already is too much in sPvP, we don't need CC to be even more disgusting by nerfing Stability.

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Stability doesn't need to be changed, CCs just need to have some of sensible damage numbers on some of them so people drowning in stability aren't just completely immune to entire skills with CC on them and getting hit by them. People wanting to nerf CC by not having them do damage isn't solving the problem they had with it in the first place lol which was getting hard controlled and locked down. 

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A proliferation of narrow counters makes for a very frustrating experience in play. It massively devalues all of these defenses because you can quite easily find that your defenses are completely mismatched to what your attacker is doing.

Stability is very powerful in this game right now, but it's got three strong counters:

1. Boon removal

2. Stack stripping using cheap

3. Immobilize

It's very easy to rebalance just by reducing the number of stacks certain skills give out, or reducing the duration of triggered Stability traits. The thing you're proposing feels like a nightmare.

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I would like to see all CCs put on some kind of diminishing returns.  Essentially, first hit full CC then they get less effective if you are hit in quick succession leading to temporary immunity on the forth.  Stability, in this context, would give you like level 3 protection from ccs so you could get to immunity sooner.

Also, want to see cc heavy weapons have stability hate.  If I hit you with backbreaker and you have stability you should take extra damage.

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