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Speed up downstate ticks.


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As it stands downstate is a tactic in it's own. From bleeding out players for an elongated period of time to ultra rez comps that can pull anyone from downstate. I'm not requesting to remove the mechanic, rather adjust the amount of time it takes to bleed out a player by reducing the time tick.


This can do two things, keep the rez squads at bay as they will have to work harder to get their player up. Teams shouldn't be rewarded for easily reviving their dead ally who legitimately got out played.


Also help teams get back into the game. Nothing worse than bleeding out a 3/4hp bar for 10 sec while your team sits 4v5.



Good luck in your games and I'll see you out there!

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    The current downstate status:-5% Health decreased per tick.

     *Adds  an additionally  evil  adrenaline vaccine to accelerate the rate of the bleeding*

    The new downstate status: -10% Health decreased  per tick.

          Do I understand what you said correctly? If not, tell me. Thank you in advance.

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