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Jormag weapon skins appreciation

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I wanted to pass along appreciation for the Jormag variants for the Aurene legendary weapons. Kudos to the artists and designers on a job well done. Even though the previous variants looked nice, the Jormag variant was the first one I took the time to unlock since one of my characters has an "ice theme" to their look.  The draw and attack animations are great, the footfalls are nicely visible, the trail the weapon leaves in the air is appropriate and not overdone, and my favorite is the kill animation with the ice block splash.  These variants are nicely done!  I also have a fire-themed character so I'm looking forward to seeing what you've got in store with the Primordus variants in the near future.

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21 hours ago, Duglaive.5236 said:

Oh, swell. Yet more special particle effect pollution during metas and the like.

And footprints ... I'd love to throttle the person who came up with that idea 🤬

Just imo, of course.

 😉My ultimate FREE guide on how to avoid special particle effect pollution:

1. Put all your settings on LOWEST 

2. Turn off post processing 

3. Do NOT go to any Metas: Period 

4. Do NOT log on during peak player periods

5. Do NOT go on any busy player map:EVER

6. Use F.lux tool (dimmer) to reduce your visual display brightness 

7. ALWAYS play wearing sunglasses, preferably a good quality brand

8. Stay away from any other Gw2 player

9.NEVER ever go to any of the main cities 

10. NEVER go to Lion's Arch

11. Do NOT buy mistlock sanctuary VIP Pass but if you have NEVER use it

12. Stay away from any of the annual Festivals

13. Play solo instance content as much as you can (storyline, dungeons, T1 fractals) 

14. Play during off-peak player times 

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