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Issue: Lag (In some maps)

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I've been having extreme lag issues in the following maps.


I haven't done any maps recently but I'm almost certain that you use a very similar engine as the one I use.


So, From a mapper's PoV.

Verdant brink.
Change killing volumes to simple blocking volumes. Doesn't justify them being there, especially when they can't be seen, the warning only lasts 3 seconds or less, and only displays 1 second before your character drops to oblivion.

Adding culling volumes wouldn't hurt either to adjust cull distance. This map still lags too much for low end computers.
Could be the fire emitters, because I don't see a lot of water here.
Lowering the particles on fire and especially smoke emitters should solve the problem.

Smoke emitters are usually the problem

Shing jea island.
This map could do with a few more way points away from water, as it takes longer for a map to load when it's heavy on the graphics card.

Kaineng city.
Lags too much because of the sheer amount of water in this map.

But it can be easily improved by adjusting objects cull distance due to the number of tall buildings.

Echovald Forest.
Still lags too much.
Since there's no water here nor a lot of emitters, it could be the map's height or the amount of events going on at once.
I still haven't figured out why this map lags so much.
The other obvious explanation is that this map has way too many path nodes.
Perhaps reducing them by 25% and just add a few forced pathnodes around areas where npcs don't have to follow a specific path.

But since its like a maze, objects and static meshes can easily be hidden when not in the FoV.


The biggest map I did was a 5000x5000 the biggest the engine allowed.

The map only began lagging after I placed the path nodes, so i reduced them by 90% since it was a base Vs base war map with vehicles, just using a 2 way forced paths.

It no longer lagged at all.


Maybe this could be something worth looking into.

In my mapping experience the 3 things that make maps lag the most are particles effects, especially fire and smoke; Path Nodes, and large amounts of water.


Thanks for your time and really hoping you optimise those maps.



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