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Vindicator Dodge effect


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So I noticed that when using the Dodge on the different grand master traits for Vindicator, that the colour scheme appears to be off.  For Forerunner of Death the Dodge is Orange to match Archemorus’s color scheme. Saint Zu Hetzer is orange blue, while the vassals of the empire is just blue. Shouldn’t the vassal and the Saint Zu Hetzer colours be switched since Saint Zu Hetzer is blue?

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5 minutes ago, pninak.1069 said:

Vassal of the empire are both/alliance. you get also might and protection(both with having opposing color). Forerunner is the Luxon stomp while Saint of Zu Heltzer is Kurzick.

Exactly, so you would think Vassals would be orange and blue, while it’s currently all blue energy on the landing.

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ah you mean the ground effect. yes I am not really sure if there is any orange. maybe there is a bit during the explosion. I just assumed that the boons provides just enforce this idea. since the rifts on the ground last longer than the explosion itself blue might seem longer and only present. I'd agree that they should add a bit more flavor to the ground effect, but unsure how much would need to be changed to keep a balance between orange and blue.

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