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I only have red crafting recipes left.

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  • RB One.9680 changed the title to I only have red crafting recipes left.

You get far more XP from using the Discovery panel than crafting already known recipes, and in the process you'll learn new recipes to craft.

Unless you're doing cooking most items use 3 parts, two base parts (like a sword hilt and sword blade) and an insignia or inscription which determines the stats. You combine then in the discovery tab to get a new item and a new recipe unlocked.

Cooking is more complicated and has less of a clear pattern. If you know anything about real life cooking you can often predict which ingredients will go together to make something, but some of the level requirements are a bit weird due to game mechanics - for example making your own pizza base from scratch is apparently easy but you have to be almost a master chef to put more than 1 topping on it.

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7 hours ago, Sobx.1758 said:

Get/discover new recipes. https://gw2crafts.net/ can help, pick your crafting discipline from the bar at the top and look for the crafting level you currently have.


I mean I get the desire to max crafting the first time around on your own (or not knowing about gw2crafts), but you will end up spending a ton of extra gold/materials that way.

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