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Revert minefield nerf in PvE


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Minefield used to remove 1 boon/mine on a mob. It was a decent tool, especially in fractals when bosses start to pile up boons like protection or stability. But now it only inflict cripple on hit which is just garbage.


I get that this was aimed at WvW/PvP but why did you apply this change in PvE as well ? Yeah sure it's not the end of the world, but it wasnt needed at all.

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This change is just showcasing even more how desperately we are in need of boon removal. Throw mine and minefield were the only options we had left after the deletion of Acidic Elixirs and now they also removed it from minefield.

Really hope that if we get another elite spec, that it will have a focus on boon rip like untamed or spellbreaker, to make up for this.

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1 hour ago, Tiviana.2650 said:

Umm been away for the last week so what did they do? Throw mine was 3 boons last I played in pve, what did they change. 


Throw mine is still unchanged, it still removes 3 boons.


I'm talking about the toolbelt skill that used to remove 1 boon/mine you step on. 

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