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Yo, what did they do something to [Daring Dragon] / Flow Generation?

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Hey there!

I got -some- confirmation on Reddit but we can't seem to figure out what's up so I'll post I on here as well:


I'm one of the, I think maybe 3? people who use Daring Dragon for open world because it's really cool. But ever since the Oct. 4th patch I feel like flow generation isn't counting when you're in DT stance. I know that you effectively load 10 flow every .5s. So you need to generate mad flow to actually outpace that.

But before the patch I was generating flow when you were doing the slash 1, 2, or 3 animation before you re-entered the DT stance, which helped make up for how uhhh... "not actually good imo" this trait is. But now you don't seem to be doing this anymore?

Can anyone from ANet confirm what they changed? & Is it intended to behave this way? The trait was already not great but it really just feels awful now. I'm aware they changed the bug where you would accidentally put DT stance on a 4s cd instead of 8s if you moved early during it. (Btw. It still fully resets the cd if you organically run out of flow with [Daring Dragon] equipped. But this isn't a bug post.) But as far as I can tell that's unrelated unless they moved the "check for DT/ flow threshold in sequence of code events so far early in the chain that it basically always makes the chain read: "Yes in threshold therefore begin draining flow." Which would be fine except you still: Use the slash > Drop DT > Do the flow check > Re-enter DT > Continue loading flow. (But you still seem to only load the same # of bullets.)


Just wondering if either of the other 2 people who use DD have experienced this or if anyone from ANet can clarify what they did so we can build around this, cause it kinda feels terrible to play now. :|

Cheers & Thanks!

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